The Grand Lodge of Ohio is pleased to announce the formation of a new Grand Lodge Committee to review and recommend for approval the applications for those Brethren who meet the criteria for recognition.  Following the announcement of this new award for Masons and Scouters by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania in the Scottish Rite "The Northern Light" magazine, many Brethren have inquired.  The Committee has established the basic criteria for consideration, established the Nomination and Petition forms to be used for the Masonic Scouter Award and the procedures for submitting the forms and supporting documentation.

The Daniel Carter Beard Masonic Scouter Award is a national recognition approved by the Boy Scouts of America and promoted by the Grand Lodges of Masons in the United States. It may be presented to any Master Mason who has made significant contributions to youth through Scouting. This is a selective award. The purpose of the award is to recognize the recipient's outstanding service to youth through the Boy Scouts of America.

Basic Criteria

  1. Master Mason in good standing
  2. Registered Scouter with the Boy Scouts of America in Unit, District, Council, Regional or National position
  3. Exemplary service to Scouting that reflects favorably on Freemasonry
  4. Has demonstrated leadership in their Scouting tenure
  5. Exemplifies the ideals of the Scout Oath and Law
  6. Exemplifies the Masonic virtues of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth

Evaluation Schedule

Each Grand Lodge is responsible for the establishment of criteria.  Accordingly, only Master Masons from Ohio Blue Lodges can be considered by the Grand Lodge of Ohio Committee

Examples for Consideration

A successful candidate for nomination will have demonstrated exemplary service to Scouting.  This may be demonstrated in a variety of ways depending on his role in Scouting.  Although a list of positions held is helpful, and may be included, the criteria require a report of achievements in those areas or positions.

A successful candidate for nomination will have demonstrated leadership in his Scouting role(s). These may include program, training or support functions which results in a positive program for the Scouts.

It is expected that the successful candidate has performed exemplary services.  Examples may include:

  • The number of Webelos Scouts who attained Arrow of Light during a Webelos Leader's tenure
  • The number of Eagle Scouts awarded during a Scoutmaster's tenure
  • The number of training Courses he has actually lead and/or served as a Staff member
  • Organizing a complete and active Unit Committee that functioned as a team in support of the program
  • The role the nominee has given to planning and leading High Adventure trips, National Jamborees or other Regional activities
  • Exhibiting leadership in other Unit activities and is an active team player in the overall program
  • Leading a successful Day Camp program for Cub Scouts

These examples are intended to serve as a guide to the types of accomplishments to be considered.

A Professional Scouter may not receive this award based on professional service.  However, a Professional Scouter who also serves as a volunteer Scouter may be eligible based on volunteer service.


It is expected the nominator of a candidate for this award will keep this nomination CONFIDENTIAL.  The candidate is not to know he is being considered.  PLEASE SEE NOTE ON NOMINATION FORM.

  • The nominator shall secure the forms, as outlined below, and complete STEP 1 NOMINATION.
  • The nominator shall then submit the forms to the Scout Executive of the local Council for his approval.
  • The nominator shall then submit to the Master of the candidate’s Blue Lodge (or a local Lodge the candidate attends if he is a sojourning Mason) securing his approval.
  • The nominator shall forward all of the Forms and supporting materials to the Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Ohio.
  • The Grand Secretary shall forward the Forms and documents to the Committee who shall review and make recommendations to the Grand Lodge.
  • Upon approval, the Committee will notify the Grand Secretary, who will notify the Blue Lodge. The Blue Lodge shall then issue a check in the amount of $35.00, payable to the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.  The Blue Lodge shall forward the check to the Grand Secretary.
  • The Grand Secretary shall then forward the check and petition form to the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania for issuance of the award.

The nominator is responsible for preparing a narrative detailing the candidate's accomplishments in the Scouting program.  The nominator is expected to review the "Basic Criteria" and "Examples for Consideration" listed above during the preparation of the narrative.  A list of positions held may be used as supportive data, but is considered incomplete if not accompanied by a narrative. The focus and criteria for the award are based on accomplishment and dedication, not a list of positions held.

The nomination and petition forms are available for downloading here (Adobe Acrobat required), or write the Grand Secretary and the forms will be mailed to you.

All pages of the forms must be filled out and submitted.

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