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Grand Master Douglas N. Kaylor has announced that each of the twenty five Masonic Districts in Ohio will hold a Grand Master’s Class on Saturday, March 25.  Petitions and investigations are to be handled in accordance with the usual rules as found in the Grand Lodge Code of Masonic Law.

Any Brothers proposing a candidate for the Grand Master’s Class should be sure that the individual is available on March 25 and on June 24, which will be the tercentennial celebration of Modern Freemasonry, which all Grand Master’s Class candidates will be expected to attend.

Candidates will be able to complete their degree work or to receive all three degrees of Symbolic Masonry at the Grand Master’s Classes.  Lodges are strongly encouraged, when possible, to begin a candidate’s Masonic journey prior to the Grand Master’s Class by, at least, initiating him as an Entered Apprentices is their home lodges.

A petition brochure may be downloaded here (B&W, Color), or lodges may order quantities from the Ohio Masonic Home Print Shop by calling 937-525-4939.