Public Relations
The Grand Lodge of Ohio encourages Lodges to be a visible part of their communities, which in today’s world means having a physical as well as a digital presence.

The Grand Lodge’s matching funds program will match dollar for dollar up to $200 the cost of a Lodge’s PR efforts each year.  This means that if an effort costs $100, the lodge can apply for $50 in matching funds, and if the bill was $400 or more, they could apply for the full $200 available to them.  (Lodges are encouraged to pool this resource with others in their area.)

The matching funds can be used to runs advertisements, to sponsor local sports teams, improve signage for the lodge, etc.  Lodges wishing to apply for the funds should send a copy of their paid invoice and an explanation of their effort to the Grand Lodge of Ohio, 1 Masonic Drive, Springfield, Ohio 45504.

Below you will find a number of templates for your use for print media as well as for Facebook.  However, lodges are encouraged to develop their own materials with the caveat that they receive approval from the Grand Secretary’s office prior to using them.

News Release Templates


Facebook Ads